Streamline your bail bond management with simple automation software

Bail Binder takes your bail bond paperwork online - Without changing how you work

Create legally binding Documents in Seconds

Simply upload your PDF document and create a template for your clients to complete and eSign. You can upload any type of agreement; for example surety, indemnitor, property agreements... etc. It is 100% legally binding.
We can even help you set up the template for FREE :)

Seamless Workflow

Once the template document is complete, your client gets a copy of the document directly to their email for their records. Bail Binder then generates a client profile, storing all the client information as well as saving the PDF document onto the profile. All this happens automatically in a matter of seconds with no manual entry, saving you and your staff countless hours and money on printer paper, and ink.

Don’t want to automate your bail bond paperwork?

Manually add new clients with ease. Enter all client information in 5 simple steps; add collateral pictures, value and return dates and much more. Quickly add clients by clicking "Fast Add" if you want to enter the information at a later date. Determine which surety and agent the client is under and easily decide if want to  create a payment plan. 

Use Bail Binder with any device

Bail Binder is 100% responsive. Meaning you can use it with any mobile device such as iPad and iPhone. Since the software application is web based, you can also use it with any Android mobile device. You have the option to go 100% paperless with any device.

Fast, Secure, and Legally binding eSignatures

Bail Binder provides you with a legally binding eSignature solution for your contract needs. Bail Binder complies with the requirements of the U.S. Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000 (ESIGN), the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), and the European EC/1999/93 Directive regarding electronic signatures and transmissions, thus making eSignatures fast, easy, and legally binding. Electronic signatures are valid and legally binding in a majority of countries around the world. Most countries have realized how burdensome ink signatures have become in our fast-paced and globalized economy: Ink signatures slow down the contracting process and create a paper management problem.

Try Bail Binder 
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Thorough Reports

Create one click company reports in seconds for states, agents, clients, bonds, powers, jails and court dates. All reports are filterable and you have the ability to easily export reports into excel for more in depth data manipulation (we don’t hold your information captive).

Simple and Clean dashboard

Efficiently see an overview of your bonds, payment plans and powers.  Effortlessly keep track of upcoming court dates and payments due with your calendar. Know who not to bond with the "do not bond" list. See day-to-day tasks with the task manager. Search your database for clients, agents, bonds, offices, sureties, applications easily with our search engine. Be alerted of up coming court dates, payments and collateral returns

Efficient Power Manager

Easily view your power inventory. Filters make it easy to view powers when working with different sureties. Freely change the status of your power inventory. Assign powers to offices and agents with a few clicks. When adding new clients, effortlessly link powers to clients automatically for reporting.

Unlimited Agents

Add as many agents to your account as you need. We will never charge you for adding new agents for your account.

No Set up fees

Bail Binder was created to make the life of a bondsman 100% easy and efficient. Investing money for software AND spending money for set up should be illegal. We will get you up and running 100% free.

Unlimited Offices

Have more than 1 office? No worries, you can add as many offices as you need to 1 account in order to save money. Money that you can use to market yourself.

Do you currently have your bond info with another software?

We will transfer your client data into Bail Binder  FOR FREE. No matter what software you are currently using. No matter how many clients you have stored in that system. Our goal is to make your business life easier not harder. You will have a person 100% dedicated and committed to making your transition to us as simple as possible.